For our second collaboration with electronica duo Odesza, dir. Daniel Brown came to us with a war story. Told from the perspective of a young refugee fleeing an alien invasion, “Line of Sight (ft. WYNNE and Mansionair),” is political allegory hidden within a sci-fi story; a simple narrative about a boy and his robot.

Creating a believable, momentary world for audiences is never a simple task- even more so in a four week timeframe. It was a considerable amount of work, but the shorthand we’ve cultivated between our artists and director allowed us to arrive at the right answer in short order.

We decided early in the process to ground the visuals in a heightened realism. The world had to feel present; tangible. To that end, we built practical props and real costumes and made sure that our CGI elements were used to complement, and not replace, the live action footage and lush Hawaiian landscapes.

With this methodology in place, we set about tracking both the camera’s movement and our actor’s performance. Our team then digitally painted out any unnecessary elements from the footage. Scenes were extended using a combination of digital matte painting and 3D projection mapping, paying careful attention when compositing to preserve as much of the original plate as possible.

Featured on both NPR Music and VICE’s Creators Project, “Line of Sight” was released to critical success. As Daniel Manjarrez of YouTube noted, “Bro this made me emotional.” Us too bra.